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Surviving to Live 
Keynote Presentation 20-25 mins.
Recommended for all audiences, Luncheon/Fundraisers.
Inspirational and moving story, facilitating awareness to live an active, healthy lifestyle and the importance of  research.

Pump It Up! Do It From The Heart!
Keynote Presentation 25-30 mins. (Full 1 hour Presentation and Workshop Available)
Recommended for all audiences.
Motivate and educate in a high energy style, how to take charge of your health! Understanding how your health choices affect not only you but the health of those around you! Love your body, protect your health and live life to the fullest!

Heart Transplantation : A Survivor's Perspective  
Keynote Presentation 45 mins. to 1 hour. (Flexible)
Recommended for audiences in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Health Insurance and Health Industry.
Unique insight from a patients perspective. Topics included in presentation are Listening; The Art Of Hearing, How Patients View Their Caregivers, Respect  Is A Two-Way Street, A Most Valuable Relationship, Weaning; Helping Patients Get Back To Their Lives, When It's Not Over, Candor; Can we talk about Palliative Care?

Healing with HeART
Keynote Presentation 30 - 45 mins. 
Recommended for all audiences. 
Ginger's own journey of healing through art. A personal and vivid look into the mind of a patient whom is dying but uses her art to gain strength, peace and calm vitality to fight to survive. After surviving a heart transplant, Ginger would again turn to her art as a way to cope with the untimely death of her husband and helping her young sons grieve and move forward to a  new life.

Dying : The only way to go!
Keynote Presentation 45 mins. to 1 hour. (Flexible)
Recommended for all audiences and respectful to all beliefs.
Humorous yet moving look at coping with death and dying. Topics included in presentation are Be Prepared;You Won't Get Out Of This One!, How We Cope: Perspective Is Everything, A Different View: Cultural Lessons, Organ Donation; Travelling Light To The Great Beyond, and Bon Voyage; Learning To Celebrate The Journey Of  Life! 

The Travelling Heart
Keynote Presentation 30-45 mins. (Workshop Available)
Recommended for all audiences.
Follow your heart! How to travel with confidence and be prepared for anything! Health issues and concerns? You can do more than you think! Here's how! Fun stories along with innovative, useful information for going where your heart desires! See the world, it's a wonderful place!

Ginger Zimmerman

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You have done remarkable things and I am pleased that you are handeling all of the stresses of life so well.
I thought the article was very well written and certainly hope that it and your other endevors help to trigger more interest in transplantation.
-Henry C. Patrick, M.D., F.A.C.C.
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"Your particular presentation was rated very highly by my students. Without your input my students and I would have missed out on critical learning and personal growth opportunities. Thank you so much for your participation."
-Peter B. Anderson
PhD Professor, Human Performance and
Health Promotion University of New Orleans
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