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Giving back is a very unique and personal act. It's more than just social responsibility, for most it's a deeply felt passion for certain causes and charities. Throughout the years I have been involved with and supported charities and causes that I felt touched by or connected to in a personal way. I think each person can give or contribute in a way that is best for them and may have special gifts to offer. It's wonderful when people reach out to create positive change. Each of us has the power to help, whether it's supporting research to find cures or fighting hunger and injustice. Together we can make a difference locally, nationally and throughout the world. I would like to encourage you to get involved, give back in whatever way you can. It truly is a gift you give yourself!

You have done remarkable things and I am pleased that you are handeling all of the stresses of life so well.
I thought the article was very well written and certainly hope that it and your other endevors help to trigger more interest in transplantation.
-Henry C. Patrick, M.D., F.A.C.C.
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"Your particular presentation was rated very highly by my students. Without your input my students and I would have missed out on critical learning and personal growth opportunities. Thank you so much for your participation."
-Peter B. Anderson
PhD Professor, Human Performance and
Health Promotion University of New Orleans
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