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Ginger's Story
Ginger Zimmerman is alive today because she listened to her body, more precisely, her heart!

Ginger Zimmerman's life as an artist, wife and mother of three young sons was falling apart. Plagued by some mysterious condition that was slowly robbing her of her energy and health. Almost four years would pass before she would be accurately diagnosed. Ginger was dying, her weak heart barely functioning at 15%. The only chance for survival would be a life saving heart transplant...but would there be enough time? Would she survive?
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You have done remarkable things and I am pleased that you are handeling all of the stresses of life so well.
I thought the article was very well written and certainly hope that it and your other endevors help to trigger more interest in transplantation.
-Henry C. Patrick, M.D., F.A.C.C.
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"Your particular presentation was rated very highly by my students. Without your input my students and I would have missed out on critical learning and personal growth opportunities. Thank you so much for your participation."
-Peter B. Anderson
PhD Professor, Human Performance and
Health Promotion University of New Orleans
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Ginger Zimmerman
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